Home Search Design Browser Hijacker

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Home Search Design is the name of a browser hijacker. It can affect most popular browsers, including Chrome and Firefox.

Like the vast majority of browser hijackers, Home Search Design can change a number of browser settings. Those include the contents and address of the home page and the default search engine used by the browser - the one your browser defaults to when you type something directly into the address bar to search for it.

Browser hijackers, as the name implies, can also hijack your search queries and funnel them through undesirable redirects. User search queries may also be logged and stored. When all of those things happen without asking the user for their clear, explicit consent, then those changes become problematic. It is this sort of behavior and the fact that changes are made quietly and without consent that classified similar apps as potentially unwanted.

Additionally, the information about user browsing habits and search queries that some browser hijackers may store can later be resold to advertisers, which further compounds the issue.

Your best bet is to uninstall any browser hijacker found on your system and any browser extension that exhibits similar behavior, making changes to browser settings without user consent.

June 22, 2022