What is the Hi.ru Browser Hijacker?

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Hi.ru is the name of a browser hijacker that may find its way into your favorite browser, through bundle installers and rogue links to questionable pages.

The browser hijacker will change your home page and default browser search engine to Hi dot ru. The issue with this is that this will happen without asking for consent.

Another issue is that even in 2022, the Hi dot ru website and search engine are quite a big mess. If you open Hi dot ru in your browser, you will discover that you are unable to scroll down the page, as it will automatically and quickly scroll back up. A large part of the links to site categories in the menu on the left are dead links or load pages with very broken formatting.

Additionally, the website does not use proper security for data entered. Even though your browser's address bar will display the "Secure" padlock icon, trying to use the search box will immediately bring up a warning: "This form is not secure". Entering anything in the search box will also trigger another browser hard, full-screen warning: "The information you’re about to submit is not secure. Because this form is being submitted using a connection that’s not secure, your information will be visible to others". Even if you choose to go through with the search, you will be brought to a completely blank results page, which makes the entire website and search engine look very fake.

In light of all those issues, you can see why you wouldn't want the Hi dot ru browser extension acting like a hijacker or be anywhere near the website in general.

July 27, 2022