Haloweenpromob2.click Shows Fake Warning Messages - Don't Get Duped

pop-up warning

Haloweenpromob2 dot click is a misleading website that will display fake virus warning messages.

This type of misleading page falls into the broad category we call "fake virus warning" pages. This sort of site will show you either exaggerated or outright fake warnings about the state of your computer in an attempt to frighten you.

In the case of Haloweenpromob2 dot click, the page will display detection names of viruses you almost certainly do not have on your system.

This sort of scare tactic is usually employed to push ads in the user's browser by getting the confused user to click "allow" in the browser's dialog box or to abuse legitimate antivirus software affiliate programs using dozens of misleading pages like this.

You should also remember that an online web page can never obtain this sort of information about your system and all those warnings about virus infections detected on your computer will always be fake, and you should immediately close sites that display them.

November 4, 2022