Putting a Stop to German0.xyz Browser Hijacker Can Be Easy

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German0 dot xyz is the name of a browser hijacker that pushed ads and other potentially harmful content to users' browsers.

Browser hijackers are just one of the many types of applications that are collectively categorized as "potentially unwanted programs" or PUPs. PUPs occupy a grey area that sits in-between legitimate applications and full-blown malware.

A browser hijacker can perform a number of changes to settings in your favorite browser. Those range from changing the home page address and the content of the new tab, to changing the default search engine the browser uses when you type a search query directly into the address bar. Browser hijackers don't disclose those changes to the user, which makes their presence undesirable.

Additionally, browser hijackers can abuse push notification functionality to send annoying and potentially harmful ads to the user's browser. A lot of the time, misleading pages and the browser hijackers associated with them will push ads that originate from rogue ad networks. This means potential exposure to links leading to other potentially unwanted programs, questionable content and misleading websites.

June 30, 2022