It's Good to Ignore the Free Game Loop Rogue Extension

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Free Game Loop is a rogue browser extension that acts as a browser hijacker.

As you can imagine, due to its functionality and the ad-supported nature of the extension, it is not distributed through the official Chrome Web Store. You can find Free Game Loop if you click rogue ads and end up on websites offering free online tabletop and card games.

Free Game Loop behaves like every other similar ad-supported application packaged in the form of a browser extension. It will inject ads in pages you visit or display them as pop-up windows.

The issue with this behavior is that a lot of those ads may be sourced from rogue ad networks. It is no secret that similar rogue ads are the bread and butter of browser hijackers, rogue extensions, and adware in general.

This means the ads displayed may link to unsafe locations, questionable content, scams or phishing portals and other potentially unwanted applications.

If you find Free Game Loop among your browser's extensions, you should remove it to limit further exposure to any potentially harmful ads delivered by the adware contained in the rogue extension.

September 27, 2022