Remove FormulaBuffer

mac computer

FormulaBuffer is a misleading piece of software that users report finding on their Mac. The shady thing is that FormulaBuffer might show up even if a user does not remember downloading and installing it. Clearly, the app uses some shady propagation techniques to reach as many users as possible. But what does it do once it runs, and is it malware?

FormulaBuffer appears to be a safe application, but this certainly does not mean that you should not try to remove it immediately. It is categorized as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP.) While these are not dangerous, they might often bring intrusive changes that impact your system's behavior in a weird manner. In the case of FormulaBuffer, it seems to prioritize manipulating Web browser settings in order to promote 3rd-party sites. The redirects it causes may take you to low-quality search engines whenever you load a new tab, or initialize a new online search. Needless to say, this is something that you should avoid, because it might take you to ad-ridden pages, or provide you with low-quality links and search results.

The FormulaBuffer redirects should be eliminated by ensuring the removal of the PUP. The best way to handle such tasks on a Mac is to install and run an up-to-date security scanner. It will successfully identify and remove all files related to FormulaBuffer's activity, preventing it from persisting.

Keep in mind that after FormulaBuffer's removal, you may need to manually restore your browser configuration manually.

January 5, 2022