What does the EmailCheckToday Rogue Extension do?

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EmailCheckToday is a rogue extension that is advertised as a productivity-enhancing addition to your browser that should help you access all your web email accounts from one place.

The extension is currently offered on the Chrome Web Store, because in comparison to a lot of similar extensions we have reviewed, it is a lot more benign and harmless.

EmailCheckToday won't ask for too many permissions on install but it will change your blank new tab contents to search dot emailchecktoday dot com. This is a fake search engine that is being promoted through the extension.

Search dot emailchecktoday dot com has no real functionality to speak of. It contains links to several popular web mail services - something you can do with three or four bookmarks in your browser's bookmarks bar.

Since the search engine is fake and cannot produce results on its own, typing any search query into it will open the Bing search results for that query in a new tab, so you are practically going the extra mile just to use Bing search.

The issue with this sort of behavior is that many similar extensions collect their users' search queries and this is a potential privacy issue.

If you find you have EmailCheckToday installed in your browser, it is advisable to remove it.

September 21, 2022