What Does Darknes Rogue Browser Extension Do?

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Darknes is the name of a rogue browser extension that exhibits behavior typical for adware.

Darknes is an extension that is supposed to help you switch bright pages to a more muted look. Like many other rogue extensions of the same kind, allegedly offering page color scheme options, Darknes comes with adware built into it.

Adware or ad-supported software operates by injecting ads into pages you visit or displaying them as pop-ups in your browser. This behavior may seem harmless, but the issue here is not just the mere presence of those ads.

Ads displayed by a lot of adware applications are sourced through rogue ad networks, which means that those ads may link to questionable content, scams, phishing pages and other misleading websites.

It should be noted that Darknes, like a lot of similar rogue extensions that contain adware in them, is not distributed through the official Chrome Web Store. Its usual means of propagation include bad redirects that link to its installer or misleading sites.

September 8, 2022