Remove ElementarySignalSearch

macOS Keychain Vulnerability

ElementarySignalSearch is an intrusive Mac app, which is often installed without the user's knowledge and approval. It may be hidden inside software bundles, which use clever tricks and misleading instructions to get the user's permission to install 3rd-party applications. Once up and running, ElementarySignalSearch may create an anonymous 'Launch Agent' on Macs, ensuring that the app will continue to run after the computer is rebooted.

But what does ElementarySignalSearch do? It works in the background to modify the settings of Safari and other popular Web browsers. These changes are not malicious, but they may disrupt the user's Web browsing experience by redirecting them to unfamiliar, 3rd-party websites. Often, users with ElementarySignalSearch running in the background may see random sites when they try to load a new tab or to search the Web. This may reduce the quality of the search results they get and may also expose them to additional ads and pop-ups, which are not relevant to their interests.

Macs have been targeted by hundreds of Potentially Unwanted Programs and browser hijackers over the past few months. The best way to avoid such intrusive applications is to secure your Mac with the use of a contemporary security tool, which receives regular updates. If you suspect that an intrusive application may be tampering with your Web browser settings, then you should run a security scanner to identify and remove the troublemaker. 

June 9, 2021

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