What is DockModule Adware & How to Remove DockModule

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DockModule is an application that may have found its way on your Mac. However, chances are, you are not too sure how it got there in the first place. This is typical behavior for the apps belonging to DockModule's ilk - all of them adware built with a single purpose - to deliver ads to your Mac.

DockModule is one of the dozens, possibly hundreds of instances of what is essentially the same adware, all belonging to the AdLoad family of adware. Each of the adware apps is distributed using the same icon - a grey circle with a white looking glass in it and uses the same simple naming convention - stringing two random words together.

DockModule is capable of displaying ads on your Mac. The issue with this is that a lot of those ads may be sourced from rogue ad networks. This means those ads may link to a number of problematic pages, including misleading and untrustworthy websites, as well as other potentially unwanted apps and questionable content.

In case your Mac ended up with DockModule or some of the many other AdLoad variants that use the same icon on it, your best course of action is to simply uninstall the adware, by dragging it into your Trash.

June 6, 2022