What does the Cup Rogue Extension do to your Web Browser?

web browser hijacker

Cup is the name of a browser extension that acts like adware. Similar browser extensions that exhibit potentially unwanted software behavior are commonly called rogue extensions.

Adware is software that will display ads on your system, usually while you use your browser, and generate revenue for its authors along the way. The big issue with this practice is not so much the fact that your system is bombarded with unsolicited ads, it's the way a lot of adware operates.

Adware authors will commonly partner up with rogue advertising networks. This means that ads sourced through such networks and displayed on your system may link to other potentially unwanted app installers, scam or phishing portals, questionable content and untrustworthy websites.

The fact that rogue extensions like Cup never disclose their adware component and have no meaningful description of their intended functionality doesn't help either.

If you find an extension that is labeled simply "Cup" in your Chrome, with no further information about it when you click the extension, make sure you remove it.

September 15, 2022