Removal of Courage Browser

web browser hijacker

Courage browser is the name of a rogue browser application. Similar applications are usually classified as potentially unwanted programs, as they fill in the gap between legitimate software and fully-featured and more dangerous malware.

A rogue browser application is usually a custom compile of Chromium-based code, with added functionality that is not desirable and can lead to an impaired user experience and undesirable data collection. This means that a rogue browser will commonly inject ads into the pages displayed in it, generating revenue for the browser's maker in the process. Additionally, a rogue browser may also track user browsing habits, and collect information on the user's search queries and browsing history. Such information is valuable to ad networks and is often re-sold to those.

The combination of unsolicited additional ads displayed on pages and the data-tracking capabilities of most rogue web browsers make their presence on your system undesirable, hence the name potentially unwanted software.

Similar rogue apps are commonly distributed through bundle installers, where potentially unwanted programs are packaged alongside a legitimate app and are installed quietly, without informing the user adequately and receiving the user's explicit consent.