ComedyTab Rogue Browser Extension

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ComedyTab is a browser extension that advertises itself as a fun addition to your browser than can change the contents of your blank new tabs. The extension offers to insert randomly chosen witty and funny quotes in the new tabs. What it does not make very clear, however, is that it also functions similarly to a browser hijacker.

The extension's page on the Chrome web store only states that "search features within the extension will be provided by Microsoft Bing", like so many other similar extensions. What it does not state, however, is that any searches you make in the search box contained in your new tab, modified by the ComedyTab extension, will first be bounced through find dot wsrc-now dot com.

You never want to have middle-men search redirects in your browser. Every time your search gets redirected through a third-party page, between your browser and your ultimate search provider, you are sending data to locations and parties you are never really familiar with.

The lack of disclosure about this functionality makes ComedyTab an extension you would do well to remove from your browser if you find it installed.

November 28, 2022