Chaos-Azazel Ransomware Hides in Pirated Content

Chaos-Azazel Ransomware is a dangerous application, which you should keep away from your system at all costs. If it manages to bypass your system's security, it will execute a swift file-encryption attack that will cause potentially irreversible damage to your files. After the Chaos-Azazel Ransomware is done with this, it will start renaming files by applying the '.Azazel' extension to their name. In the meantime, it will also work in the background to find and delete backups, Shadow Volume Copies, and any other data that might be able to help you get your files back.

Researchers confirm that the Chaos-Azazel Ransomware belongs to a relatively unpopular file-locker family called Chaos. Sadly, it is not decryptable via free utilities, and its victims will have a hard time getting their data back.

Azazel Ransomware

The Chaos-Azazel Ransomware victims will also discover the 'read_it.txt' ransom note on their desktop. This message advises them to pay $1,500 via Bitcoin, and also mentions the wallet address of the criminals. This offer could be acceptable if you lost important data, but there is a catch – there is no way to contact the creators of the Chaos-Azazel Ransomware. Their message does not contain an email address, Telegram ID, or another contact detail. This means that it would be impossible for them to supply you with a decryptor if you pay. Clearly, the Chaos-Azazel Ransomware operation is a scam meant to steal money from victims. The criminals have no intention to try and restore the files. Instead of trusting these crooks, you should run an anti-malware tool to eliminate the malware immediately. Then, restore your files from a backup, or try out other data recovery options.

January 31, 2022