Fakes Anti-Bot Check to Push Ads

Data-informative dot com is a misleading website, set up with one simple purpose - to serve ads in the browsers of as many visitors as possible.

The page at Data-informative dot com will display a fake anti-bot check page, containing a colorful collage of a human and a robot, along with the text "Click 'Allow' to confirm you are not a robot". This is all a hoax, there is no real anti-bot check on the page, and everyone who has done any of the popular, industry-standard anti-bot checks should be able to spot this immediately.

The page will also trigger the browser's default "allow notifications" dialog to appear. The plan is simply to get the user to allow push notifications in the browser, so the page at Data-informative dot com can push aggressive and intrusive notifications and pop-ups.

The issue with this does not only stem from the fact that similar pop-ups are annoying and take up bandwidth. The ads shown in them can also be sourced from rogue ad networks and expose the user who interacts with them to further misleading pages, malware, or questionable content.

The best thing you can do when you run into a similar unfamiliar page asking you to allow notifications is to simply close your browser and avoid clicking anything on the page in question.

May 30, 2022