What Does AdjustableBox Adware Do On Your Computer?

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Recently, our team discovered AdjustableBox, a rogue app that was submitted to VirusTotal. After analyzing the application, we determined that it is an adware program belonging to the AdLoad malware family. This type of software enables third-party graphical content such as pop-ups, banners, coupons and other ads to be displayed on various interfaces.

The advertisements promoted by AdjustableBox are often scams or malicious software that can execute scripts when clicked on. Additionally, any legitimate content encountered through these ads is likely being used for fraudulent commissions. To run intrusive advert campaigns, this adware may require certain conditions such as compatible browsers or systems and visits to particular sites.

Even if AdjustableBox does not display any advertisements, its presence on a system still poses a risk to device and user safety. Furthermore, AdLoad adware usually has browser-hijacking capabilities; although we did not observe any such traits during our analysis of AdjustableBox, it is possible that it could have this functionality.

It is important to note that AdjustableBox can be dangerous even if it does not display any advertisements, and users should take steps to remove it from their systems.

What are common distribution methods for adware and how can it end up on your system?

Adware is commonly distributed through malicious websites, spam emails, and bundled software. Malicious websites can contain code that automatically downloads and installs adware onto a user's system without their knowledge or consent. Spam emails may contain links to malicious websites or attachments that contain the adware. Bundled software refers to programs that are packaged with other software, such as free games or applications, and installed along with them. Adware can also be spread through peer-to-peer networks, file sharing sites, and social media platforms.

To protect against adware infections, users should always be cautious when downloading files from the internet or clicking on links in emails. It is important to only download files from trusted sources and to read all terms of service before installing any software. Additionally, users should install anti-virus/anti-malware programs on their systems to help detect and remove any malicious software that may have been installed without their knowledge.

How can adware like AdjustableBox pose a threat to your privacy and security, in addition to displaying ads?

Adware like AdjustableBox can pose a threat to your privacy and security in several ways. First, it can collect data about your browsing habits and send it to third-party advertisers without your knowledge or consent. This data could include information such as what websites you visit, what type of content you view, and even personal information such as your name, address, or credit card number.

Additionally, adware can be used to redirect users to malicious websites that contain malware or other malicious software. Finally, adware can be used to hijack web browsers and change their settings without the user's permission. All of these activities can put users at risk of identity theft, financial loss, and other forms of cybercrime.

February 1, 2023

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