Quick Site Hijacks Browser Settings

browser hijacker

Quick Site is the name of a browser extension that claims to offer some useful functionality. In reality, it behaves like a browser hijacker that changes your browser's settings without explicit permission and forces your browser to use a fake search engine as its default one.

Quick Site will swap out your home page and the default search engine your browser uses - this is the one that is used when you type something directly in the address bar as a search query. Your new home page will become "quicknewtab dot com" - a fake search engine that uses redirects to finally serve up results delivered by real engines - usually Bing or Google.

The fact that your browser's settings are changed without asking for explicit permission first, and the fact that fake search engines may harvest information about your search queries and browsing habits make those changes largely unwanted.

Removal is easy, as simply uninstalling and removing the browser addon from Chrome will solve this issue. If you manually change your browser's home page and default search engine, they should not revert back to the ones used by the browser hijacker.

July 12, 2022