Pop-Up Scam

computer scam is fake website dedicated to hosting a dangerous scam. The con artists operating this page are probably running the same scam on hundreds of other websites. When someone visits, they are told that their device is infected by multiple viruses, and that they may have their credentials and files stolen. However, we assure you that nothing about these warnings is true - is simply trying to scare you into trusting it.

The pop-ups and alerts, which the fake site uses are very elaborate, and many users might think they are real. The scammers have made sure to use the interface and logos of legitimate antivirus products, making look more legitimate.

Users who fall for the con will be asked to purchase the technical support service or antivirus product that has to offer. The catch is that this site cannot sell you anything legitimate. Instead, you will be unknowingly sending your money to con artists who will leave you empty-handed. If you notice the Pop-Ups, or similar alerts in your Web browser, you should ignore them entirely.

It is good to remember that random Web pages are not a reliable source of data about your system's health and performance. Sites claiming to host such details are most likely trying to scam you.

By Ruik
April 22, 2022
April 22, 2022