'pdftopdf.filter Will Damage Your Computer' Error

app will damage your computer

Mac's security features are very handy, even if there is not that many malware families targeting macOS. However, no security is perfect – sometimes it may report legitimate software as malicious. This is the case with users who see the 'pdftopdf.filter Will Damage Your Computer' Error. This message makes them think that a very dangerous file is present on their hard disk, and they need to deal with it immediately. However, the 'pdftopdf.filter' component is not malicious. In fact, it belongs a to a legitimate software suite – HP print drivers. It is one of the many components that handle document viewing, editing, and printing.

The 'pdftopdf.filter Will Damage Your Computer' Error typically occurs when users apply an update to their operating system, especially if it is a big one.

What is the Cause of the 'pdftopdf.filter Will Damage Your Computer' Error?

Major macOS updates introduce a large number of changes in terms of security certificates, security measures, and similar content. Occasionally, this may render the certificates of older, non-updated software invalid. This is exactly the case with the 'pdftopdf.filter Will Damage Your Computer' Error. It is simply your Mac informing you that 'pdftopdf.filter' does not have a valid security certificate. This is also why it identifies it as a potential threat.

Encountering the 'pdftopdf.filter Will Damage Your Computer' Error can be annoying and scary at first, but at least now you know is that there is no dangerous software on your machine. To solve this issue, you should apply the latest HP driver update by downloading it from their official website. A similar issue that some owners of HP printers experience is the 'hpRaster.bundle Will Damage Your Computer' Error. The cause and solution for it are identical to the ones we describe above.

September 10, 2021