'Malware Detected! iPhone needs to be repaired' Pop-Uos

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'Malware Detected! iPhone needs to be repaired' is a scam, which targets iOS users all over the world. It is hosted on hundreds if not thousands of websites whose contents are being promoted through ads on low-quality sites. What qualifies as a low-quality site? Typically, these are torrent trackers, adult sites, illegal streams, etc. We advise you to avoid such pages in order to stay as far away as possible from scams like the 'Malware Detected! iPhone needs to be repaired' Pop-Ups.

What is the Goal of the Scammers?

The fraudsters behind these pop-ups want to convince users that there are one or more viruses on their device. Needless to say, this situation may sound very serious to non-experienced users – they are likely to agree to anything to solve the issue. Of course, the pop-ups claim to have the solution. They may advise users to proceed with different steps in order to resolve the situation:

  • Download an antivirus scanner. However, the 'Malware Detected! iPhone needs to be repaired' Pop-Ups do not promote legitimate software. Instead, users may end up interacting with rogue anti-malware apps that ask for money or Potentially Unwanted Programs that are tedious to deal with.
  • Asking certified technicians for support. Of course, there are no technicians working with these pop-ups. You will get in touch with the scammers who pay ask for money to fix the non-existent problem.

How to React to the 'Malware Detected! iPhone needs to be repaired' Pop-Ups?

Seeing these messages means that you have been visiting some low-quality websites. We advise you to stay away from such sites in the future. As for the pop-ups, you are not in any danger if you do not follow the instructions they present. We assure you that there are not any viruses on your device, and the information in the pop-ups is made up. The best way to proceed is to ignore and close the 'Malware Detected! iPhone needs to be repaired' Pop-Ups as soon as they appear.

September 7, 2021