macOS Ventura Battery Drain - Causes and Solutions

Mac OS

A lot of users have reported sudden and rapid battery discharge levels after updating their systems to the Ventura release of macOS. This article will give you a brief look into the most common cause of this rapid battery drain and some ways to work around it.

Even though the rapid battery drain rate may seem alarming, there is a very logical explanation behind it. Like with most big macOS updates, your system will do new indexing of a number of resources, including databases, photos, and Spotlight assets.

If you simply leave your Mac on a charger and give it some time, the indexing process should complete and your battery levels should no longer be getting hammered by the re-indexing process.

If you still suspect there are further issues or processes beyond the indexing that are taxing your system and are causing rapid battery drain, it's advisable to open your Activity Monitor and see what process is taking up a lot of system resources.

You can access the Activity monitor by clicking on Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor. Then choose the Energy tab to see the energy consumption of various processes that are active.

August 2, 2022