Is Safe?

browser hijacker popups ads is an online URL shortening service, which is part of the Buffer social media management toolkit. While is a legitimate domain name, it is possible that cybercriminals might be abusing the URL shortening tool in order to conceal malicious links. In addition to concealing the true destination of an URL, the URL shortening service could also be used to prevent specific security features from identifying and blocking harmful websites – since their URL is hidden.

It is important to mention that most links to encounter online will be safe. However, you should also take into consideration their source. For example, a link you found on a legitimate website, is likely to be safe. In the meantime, if you came across it while looking for pirated downloads, game cracks, or other shady content, then the might be hiding more than you bargained for. It is not uncommon for cybercriminals and con artists to misuse legitimate services like If you have any doubts that a link might not be legit, then we would advise you to avoid interacting with it. If you do end up visiting it, then make sure that your antivirus software suite is up-to-date and running, so that you will be 100% protected from the content you may encounter.

April 13, 2022