How to Stop Scanoclean Pop-Ups


Scanoclean is a misleading domain and website. Its sole purpose is to coax visitors into allowing notifications. This will lead to the website sending push notifications and causing pop-up ads to display in your browser.

The website uses one of the most common tricks to lure visitors into allowing notifications. Scanoclean will display a cute drawing of a man and a robot, along with text asking visitors to "Click 'Allow' to confirm you are not a robot".

The prompt has nothing to do with a real anti-bot check. The browser will display its default "allow notifications" dialog box and the cute art and text are simply there to trick the user into thinking this is a legitimate page with a legitimate anti-bot protection mechanism.

Allowing notifications in the dialog box will lead to Scanoclean spamming your browser with intrusive and potentially harmful pop-up ads. Those pop-ups will often lead to questionable pages and adult content. Ads shown will commonly be sourced from rogue advertising networks and can expose your system to further risks.

The best way to handle similar pages is to be aware that anti-bot checks never ask you to "allow" notifications. If you run into Scanoclean or a similar misleading page, your best bet is to simply close your browser window or at least the current tab and never click on or interact with any elements on the page, to make sure you stay safe.