How to Stop Ads

alerts pop-ups

Power-stability dot com is a misleading website. Its only purpose is to frighten visitors and push ads in their browsers.

Similar misleading pages will use images tailor-made to look like legitimate antivirus software windows. The fake interface windows on the page will display all sorts of disturbing, but very fake messages.

This type of misleading page may tell you that you recently visited "unsafe sites" or browsed "illegal content". Another misleading page of the same "fake virus scare" variety may tell you that you already have five different viruses on your computer.

This is all fake. No website can have this sort of access to information about your system and every single warning of this kind you see online will always be fake.

Those warnings are usually made to frighten the visitor into unwittingly accepting push notifications from the misleading page. This is later abused by the site to push ads that may link to unsafe online locations and promote other misleading pages, scams and phishing portals.

October 19, 2022