How to Stay Away from Ads

ads adware pop-ups

Hexaput0n dot click is a very simple misleading website, set up online with a single goal - to shove intrusive and potentially harmful ads in your browser.

When you land on the page, very likely after you clicked a rogue ad on a different site, you will be shown a still image made to look like a web video player, along with the text "Click Allow to watch the video". The catch is, there is no video on the page. It actually has no content at all, as its only goal is to get the user to click "allow" in the pop-up that shows up when the page loads.

This is the browser's default "allow notifications" pop-up and clicking "allow" in that box will give Hexaput0n dot click permission to use push notification functionality to feed a seemingly endless stream of ads in your browser.

In addition to the ads being unsolicited and annoying, they can also be potentially harmful. Similar misleading websites often work with rogue ad networks. This means that the ads displayed may link to unsafe pages, further misleading sites, potentially unwanted programs or questionable adult content.

You can stay completely safe from all of those potential issues if you simply immediately close the browser tab that Hexaput0n opened in, without clicking anywhere on the page and interacting with anything on it.

June 23, 2022