How to Remove Computers, Android, and Apple Devices from Your Google Account

Two-step verification is a useful tool for achieving an increased level of security when it comes to your online presence. Unfortunately, it is also rather clumsy. Tech firms aim to make it as free-flowing as possible, as well as secure, but the fact remains that the process of inputting two separate passwords, one of which you just got on an alternative platform, can't help but interrupt a user's browsing experience.

This is why it is understandable why you would want to skip the application of this feature for a particular set of devices that you use on a regular basis, by marking said devices as “trusted.”Maybe you want to do this on your own personal phone, or PC, or you feel that you don't really need that extra layer of protection since you are the only one that has ever used and is ever likely to use this particular office PC anyway. Whatever the reason for this decision may be, turning off two steps authentication for the device is easy to achieve and can noticeably improve your overall browsing experience of a user, especially if the browsing you do includes multiple logins.

That's all well and good, however, situations change. Maybe you want to sell that personal phone or gift it to a friend or family member. Maybe you're not the only one who has access to that particular office PC now. Maybe you're afraid for the safety or your online presence, since the handheld device you marked as "trusted" can be, or God forbid, already was, stolen. Whatever the reason may be, the possibility that you may want to remove computers and devices from your trusted list is very real. Here's how you do it.

  1. Log into your Google Account.
  2. Go to "Sign-in & security," then choose "Signing in to Google".
  3. Select "2-Step Verification".
  4. Go to "Devices you trust," then select "Revoke all".
October 11, 2018

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