How to Login to Hulu With Spotify

Did you know that if you're a student in the USA, you could qualify for Spotify Premium for Students for half its normal price? What makes this offer so good is it also gives you access to Hulu and Showtime, which you would have to pay for otherwise.

Spotify Premium is much more than Spotify Free because it offers a lot more things. While both give you access to audiobooks, podcasts, and an incalculable amount of songs Spotify Premium doesn't have those pesky ads and lets you listen to music and other content even when your device doesn't have an internet connection, among other features.

However, not every student qualifies for Spotify Premium, and even if you do, this offer may not give you access to the services you want. Let me elaborate on this.

How to make sure you qualify for Spotify Premium for students

Spotify offers this service only to students ages 18 or older in the United States who attend an accredited, Title IV college or university. Spotify verifies this through the third-party service, SheerID.

Also, you can only renew your Spotify Premium for Students three times in total. If your discipline takes more than four years to finish or you choose to continue with graduate studies, you will have to switch to a different Spotify plan.

Another thing you should consider if you're planning on getting Spotify Premium for Students for Hulu is that it only offers access to the Hulu ad-supported plan. It doesn't give you access to any of the Hulu plans with Live TV or any of the Hulu no ads plans. This means that if you already have a Hulu account with Live TV, no ads, or both, the Spotify Premium for Students offer won't get you any Hulu content you don't already have. So if you do you should leave your Hulu account alone and don't link it to your Spotify Premium for Students account.

How to Switch Billing to Spotify

If you already have an existing Hulu or Showtime account and an active Spotify Premium for Students account and you wish to take advantage of the Spotify Premium for Students offer, you need to switch your billing to Spotify. Here's how to do that:

If you are new to Spotify and you already have an existing Hulu ad-supported plan you can just approve the change during your Spotify Premium for Students sign up process. If you already have the accounts, you can also make the change within the Spotify app.

    1. Sign in to Spotify with your Spotify Premium for Students account.
    2. Navigate to your Account page and select Activate Hulu.
    3. Confirm that you want to make the switch when prompted and then activate your Hulu and Spotify Premium for Students + Hulu accounts.

To switch billing from your current Showtime plan, you will have to cancel your current Showtime subscription and wait for the billing period to end. Then, once the last subscription billing date has passed, you can go to your Spotify subscription page to activate your Showtime subscription.

By Nash
February 18, 2020
February 18, 2020