How to Check Storage on Mac

Mac systems are certainly worth every dollar, because of the impeccable build quality and operating system optimizations that guarantee a smooth performance. However, many users know that Macs have one major drawback – they are very difficult to upgrade. This means that if you want to extend your iMac or MacBook's storage space, this might be a difficult task – unless you use an external storage solution. Due to this limitation, it is important to learn how to check storage on Mac – so that you will be able to better manage your available Mac disk space.

How to Check Storage on mac

Windows users typically just need to open 'This PC' to find out this piece of information. Mac users, however, might need to follow slightly different instructions to get the desired information:

  1. Click on the Apple icon, found in the top-left corner, and then select About This Mac.
  2. You will see several options – Storage is the one you want to click on.
  3. There, you will find detailed disk space information about your hard drives and partitions.

The useful thing in this case is that your Mac will also tell you what types of files take up the most space. This means that it will be easier for the average user to determine what types of files they may need to consider getting rid of. For example, let's say that Applications are taking the majority of your disk storage. Then, you should opt to remove some unnecessary apps from your device – check How to Uninstall Apps on Mac.

If you are running out of space and do not know what to delete, then you'll be happy to know that the Apple engineers have you covered. In the Storage section we mentioned earlier, you will need to click on a button that says Manage and then select Recommendations. There, you will find multiple tools and tricks that can help improve disk storage – delete old files, empty cached content, or auto-empty the trash bin's contents.

February 15, 2022