How to Change Your Thunderbird Password

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Updating your email password at regular intervals is a simple but effective way to ensure that your online communications remain private. It also prevents your email account from being accessed automatically with an old password that was automatically stored by your browser.

Mozilla Thunderbird users have experienced an error when it tries to fetch mail or deliver an email you have created if your saved password is different from the server's currently saved password. Change your expired password in Mozilla Thunderbird through its Password Manager store. You can also erase obsolete passwords that have been saved on your account.

How to change an Email Account's Password in Mozilla Thunderbird

    1. To create a new password for Mozilla Thunderbird, you must log in to an email account.
    2. Update your password to your email account in the email service's web interface.
    3. Close Mozilla Thunderbird, then open it again.
    4. Select Get Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird's main toolbar. Depending on your Thunderbird configurations, the program may automatically attempt to get new mail as soon as you start it.
    5. Choose Enter New Password when you receive the login-error alert.
    6. Enter your email account's new password in the dialog box.
    7. Put a tick in the Use Password Manager box to remember this password.
    8. Hit OK. Your account should synchronize like before.

In some cases, your incoming and your outgoing messages use different sets of credentials that are managed separately. If this is happening for you then you will have to repeat the steps I listed above for your outgoing (also called SMTP) account.

Note: This method has been tested to work with Mozilla Thunderbird version 60.

January 27, 2020

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