Eliminate News-nixigi.cc Pop-Up Notifications

adware popups

News-nixigi.cc is a site that is laced with advertisements, which leads computer security experts to believe it is part of an adware scheme. As an adware threat, News-nixigi.cc may trick computer users into click on multiple ads that display upon loading of the News-nixigi.cc home page.

The News-nixigi.cc site may appear to be intrusive for some computer users where it is set as a default home page or new tab page within popular web browser applications. In these cases, it is apparent that News-nixigi.cc has accompanied web browser extensions that have loaded and potentially modified Internet settings.

In an attempt to revert the actions of News-nixigi.cc and its components, a computer user affected by the News-nixigi.cc site will want to find and remove the components or browser extensions causing the issues or display of unwanted ads. While removal of the News-nixigi.cc components may be done manually, it is highly recommended by computer security exepcts to utilize an antimalware resource to ensure complete removal and reversal of the unwanted Internet settings.

By Zane
May 3, 2022
May 3, 2022