'Doge Giveaway' Scam

DOGE, or Dogecoin, is a type of cryptocurrency, which has been around for several years. Initially, it was created as a joke, but it recently gained a lot of attention from various online communities, especially after it was endorsed by Elon Musk. This caused the price of Dogecoin to multiply in just a few weeks, and hundreds of thousands around the world now have some Doge in their cryptocurrency wallets. Of course, such hot trends are a very attractive target for online con artists – this is why 'Doge Giveaway' Scams have become very popular in recent weeks.

These scams are promoted through all sorts of methods. Con artists typically focus on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media sites. They often set up fake profiles that impersonate popular people, and then try to use their reputation to lure users into their scam. In other situations, they may set up elaborate, fake websites, which look very legitimate and professional but, in reality, they are a scam.

Targets of the 'Doge Giveaway' Scam are typically told that they can double their amount of Dogecoin, if they just send it to the wallet of the scammers. The con artists often use multiple accounts to send fake messages saying that this really works, and they even show doctored screenshots of the outgoing and incoming transactions. You can rest assured that random websites and people on Twitter or Reddit will not double your Dogecoins – such offers are a scam, and you should ignore them completely.

April 27, 2021