'Congratulations Google User! You've Been Selected' Pop-Up Scam

Online scammers often try to attract the attention of their potential victims through promises of great rewards. This is the exact strategy the creators of the 'Congratulations Google User! You've Been Selected' Pop-Up Scam use. This scam may come in different variations, depending on the user's Web browser. For example, Microsoft Edge users might see a message saying 'Congratulations, Microsoft User!' The common thing between all these fraudulent messages is that they promise the user to win a great prize. Typically, the reward is an expensive piece of tech, such as a high-end smartphone or tablet. In some cases, cash prizes may be offered as well.

The attractive offer of the 'Congratulations Google User!' Pop-Ups seems too good, right? According to it, all you need to do to claim your prize is fill out a small survey. To make the page seem even more reliable, the scammers may include fake testimonies from previous winners. Of course, their names and comments are not real – they were created by the con artists behind the scam.

'Congratulations Google User!' Scam is After Your Money

The 'Congratulations Google User! You've Been Selected' Pop-Up Scam's quiz may start with simple questions such as your gender, nationality, etc. However, as you proceed further and further, they may start to ask for more sensitive information such as your address, phone, email, and more. Last but not least, the scammers will try to profit from naïve users. They do this by saying that users must pay the postage fee before they receive their prize. The shady part is that they may want this to be done via a text message, or the purchase of Amazon/Apple/Google gift cards. Any service or website that asks you to pay for anything via gift cards is very likely to be a scam.

Needless to say, anyone who opts to follow 'Congratulations Google User! You've Been Selected' Pop-Up Scam's instructions to the end will be left empty-handed. There is no real prize, and there is no raffle. The scammers take advantage of naïve users and try to steal their hard-earned cash.

July 2, 2021