Browser Hijacker

browser hijacker

If you find that while you browse and click results in your searches, you constantly end up on Check-update-today dot com, chances are there is a rogue extension acting as a browser hijacker installed on your system.

Rogue extensions that behave like browser hijackers are very commonly encountered on misleading websites. They will install in your browser and make changes to your search settings, home page or other browser settings, usually causing redirects or displaying ads.

The signs of having a similar rogue extension in your browser are several. You may find that when you type a search query in your browser's address bar, you are being redirected to weird pages such as Check-update-today dot com. Additionally, your old home page may be swapped to a new one that you are not familiar with.

Similar changes are typically considered unwanted behavior because they usually take place without asking for user consent. This is the reason why similar rogue extensions are considered potentially unwanted software.

Removing most similar browser hijackers and rogue extensions is easy. Just navigate to your browser's addons or extensions menu and look for suspicious items you don't remember manually approving or adding, then remove them.

September 19, 2022