What is AwesomeSearches?

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AwesomeSearches is a browser hijacker that may be associated with specific websites that display random advertisements offering a multitude of services or products. The AwesomeSearches site may attempt to offer methods of searching and finding items on the Internet easier but eventually proves to fall flat without any usable functions for most computer users and their needs to discover items on the Internet. Basically, computer users can utilize the trusted sources of Google, Bing, or Yahoo to find items on the Internet.

AwesomeSearches may have an accompanied browser extension or extensions that could load when installing freeware apps or bundled software. Such components are known to modify Internet settings causing installed web browser programs to set an alternate default home page thus redirecting users to questionable sites or promotion of the AwesomeSearches service.

Reversing the effects of AwesomeSearches is left to the task of finding and removing all web browser extensions associated with AwesomeSearches. Such a task can be done automatically using an updated antimalware tool.

By Zane
May 3, 2022
May 3, 2022