WeControl RAT is a Commodity Malware Linked to WeSteal Infostealer

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The WeControl RAT is a Remote Access Trojan (RAT,) which is being sold online via the official website of the developers, as well as through ads posted on various hacking forums. The good news is that WeControl RAT is not as good as other commodity malware on the market, and it is unlikely to become a widespread threat. The developers of this hacking tool are also behind the WeSteal Infostealer, a threat whose only feature is to hijack cryptocurrency transactions by manipulating the Windows clipboard. Both of these threats are advertised as serious hacking tools, which make use of zero-day exploits and bypass security products – these statements are lies, and you can rest assured that a reputable antivirus product can stop both the WeControl RAT and the WeSteal Infostealer.

There is not much information about the WeControl RAT's features yet since it was only recently published online. However, the description provided by its creators says that it can provide attackers with the ability to manage running processes, upload and launch files, record via the camera/microphone, and manage files. They try to attract more customers by saying that the RAT is operated through a Web-based control panel – this means that buyers will not need to worry about setting up a command-and-control server.

Only a handful of samples of the WeControl RAT have been identified in the wild, so this RAT is not that popular yet. Despite its lackluster feature, the low price tag paired with the impressive presentation may attract low-level cybercriminals. We advise you to secure your system preemptively by using regularly updated anti-malware software.

April 30, 2021

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