Token Factory Iframe

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Computer users running macOS machines and devices may start receiving pop-up notifications asking 'Do you want to download TokenFactoryIframe?' These pop-up notifications will appear every 5 to 15seconds, which will irritate computer users, besides getting in the way of a satisfying browsing experience. What makes Token Factory Iframe pop-up notifications unwelcomed by computer users is that it will prevent them from sending emails, receiving emails or opening email attachments. The users also will not be allowed to use several features of their Outlook accounts.

The Token Factory Iframe pop-up notifications have been discussed on several forums and websites, due to the various Outlook users being affected by it. Regretfully, until now, there is not a patch to solve the problem and the Outlook community still waiting for a solution. However, until this happens, the affected users are taking action and stopping these pop-up notifications by themselves. They found out that disabling the download feature on the Outlook website will prevent the pop-up notifications from being displayed, or if they download the Outlook application that matches their computers or devices, the pop-up notifications will not appear.

When a computer is displaying warnings, alerts and notifications that are out of the context, it is advised to execute a thorough malware scan on the machine, because it can be caused by a threatening program that needs to be removed right away.

By Tova
May 6, 2022
May 6, 2022