'This item is temporarily unavailable' Mac Error

'This item is temporarily unavailable' Mac Error is a relatively rare issue that users typically encounter when trying to install a new application or the latest version of macOS. Understandably, seeing this error may cause some panic since users might be worried that their software or operating system install would fail. We assure you that seeing the 'This item is temporarily unavailable' Mac Error will not result in any major issues and, in fact, there are some very easy solutions to try – they might just help you prevent the 'This item is temporarily unavailable' Mac Error during your next installation.

Use the Correct ID

Some users are not aware that using the wrong Apple ID login may trigger this issue. For example, if you are installing on a computer that uses a different Apple ID, you need to use that one during the installation process as well. Trying to use a different ID would result in the aforementioned issue.

Verify the Time & Date

You would be surprised to hear how modern software relies on basic time & date checks for various stages of its installation. Using the wrong date, time, or even time zone may prevent you from installing software and spawn random messages like the 'This item is temporarily unavailable' Mac Error. Head to the Date & Time panel of your Mac, and make sure that you are using the correct day, month, year, and time.

Check for Malware

Mac malware and intrusive apps are not as uncommon as you think. You cannot rely on Mac's security features to keep you safe from everything – we also recommend installing a 3rd-party Mac security tool, which could further enhance your system's safety.

May 7, 2021

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