'WinRotatord Will Damage Your Computer' Message

The 'WinRotatord Will Damage Your Computer' Message is a message that users of both macOS Catalina and Big Sur report online. This alert is triggered by the operating system's security features, and it warn users that a non-trustworthy file is trying to start – needless to say, you should look into such problems, and eliminate them as soon as possible.

WinRotatord is not part of a legitimate software suite and, instead, it seems to be linked to adware or Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs.) Users may have introduced it to their system accidentally by installing non-trustworthy software, updates, or download files from shady sources. To remove instances of WinRotatord (also seen as WinRotator) and prevent the 'WinRotatord Will Damage Your Computer' Message from bothering you again, you should run a full system scan by using a suitable macOS security tool.

February 25, 2021