'RunningUpdaterd Will Damage Your Computer' Message

The 'RunningUpdaterd Will Damage Your Computer' Message may sound like an important 'updater' is failing to execute properly, but we assure you that RunningUpdaterd is not a legitimate component of macOS. Instead, it may have been brought alongside a download from a shady site, or another non-trustworthy source. RunningUpdaterd (also seen as RunningUpdater) may try to run in the background, and to make changes to the Web browser's behavior and configuration, forcing it to redirect the user to 3rd-party sites.

While it might be possible to find and remove the RunningUpdaterd component manually, it is likely that there at least several copies spread in different directories. Some users report that deleting one of the RunningUpdaterd files did not solve the issue. If you wish to eliminate the 'RunningUpdaterd Will Damage Your Computer' Message fully, you should run an up-to-date macOS security tool.

February 25, 2021