Whiteboard New Tab Rogue Browser Extension May Modify Internet Settings

pup potentially unwanted program

Whiteboard New Tab is a rogue browser extension that shares similarities with browser hijackers.

Browser hijackers are a subcategory of potentially unwanted software. This sort of app will make changes to your browser without sufficient, clear disclosure of the changes made.

In the specific case of Whiteboard New Tab, the extension allows you to change your new tab page into a whiteboard you can doodle on with your mouse, using different colors.

What the extension does not make very clear is that this new tab and the search box contained in it will funnel your searches through a fake search engine - find dot asrcforit dot com. This is never stated in the extension's info page. All that the page says is "The search will be powered by Bing." The final search results are indeed provided by Bing because find dot asrcforit dot com is a fake search engine and cannot produce its own results.

You never want to bounce your search queries through third-party search engines because they can potentially log this information. The fact that the search engine swap happens without sufficient disclosure is another reason to remove Whiteboard New Tab from your browser if you find it installed.

November 30, 2022