VoltageTask PUP

VoltageTask is the name given to a piece of potentially unwanted software. It can be found installed on Mac computers.

VoltageTask shares some similarities with browser hijackers. It can quietly inject ads into the pages you browse online. The software can also alter your browser's home page and its previously used default search engine.

Doing any of those things without sufficient disclosure and without the user's explicit consent and knowledge is considered unwanted behavior. While potentially unwanted software is not as dangerous as fully featured malware, it will still cause some issues with system performance and diminish the user's browsing experience.

VoltageTask is one of the many similar pieces of potentially unwanted software that affect Macs. It shares the same generic icon and the only difference between it and other potentially unwanted apps of the same kind is the random two-word name chosen for the specific app.

The most common way potentially unwanted software can get on your computer is through bundle installers, also known as software bundles. Those are commonly found on some less reputable free download portals.

To protect your Mac from similar issues, it is advisable to always use a highly curated download portal for all your software downloads. The Apple store is, as usual, your best pick if you are using a Mac computer.