Tuning Videos PUP

Tuning Videos is a browser extension for Chrome. It is listed on the Chrome web store but is also commonly distributed through bundling and bundle installers.

The extension can change the color temperature, hue, saturation, contrast and brightness of a video image frame. We tested the extension and found that it does indeed work as described on its Chrome web store page and is able to make all those changes to videos on YouTube.

However, in some cases, the extension is installed quietly, through bundling, and its presence in the bundle and install process is poorly disclosed to the user. This sort of behavior, with applications installing "quietly" and without explicit consent on part of the user, is what puts similar applications and software into the "potentially unwanted programs" category.

The fact that Tuning Videos asks for permissions to read and change data on all websites you visit also means that this functionality can potentially be abused to inject ads into pages you visit.

Thankfully, if you ended up with Tuning Videos in your Chrome browser by accident, removal is completely painless and easy, as the extension can be removed by navigating to chrome://extensions/ and clicking the Remove button.