Remove Torrent is one of the less popular torrent services available online. It is used to host a large amount of pirated software, games, and media. Needless to say, downloading anything off of is a bad idea because you may easily end up encountering dangerous malware that was hidden in legitimate-looking files. Unfortunately, suspicious torrents are not the only thing wrong with – this page may also display an overwhelming number of ads, as well as misleading prompts, which ask users to press 'Allow' to continue browsing or to enable the torrent download. Clicking 'Allow,' however, results in subscribing to's website notifications.

Because of this undesired subscription, users may end up seeing dozens of intrusive notifications from every time they use their Web browser. These notifications may often contain fake information about the health and privacy of their computer, as well as other scary-sounding messages, which are entirely fake.

If you are seeing any ads and notifications in your browser, then you should avoid visiting this website again. If you ever downloaded content from there, we advise you to run a reputable anti-malware service, which can ensure that no potentially harmful software was planted on your computer.