Team Punisher Ransomware Asks for $1000 in Ransom

Team Punisher is the name given to a new ransomware variant that was observed in late 2022.

The ransomware payload was often distributed using fake Covid-19 websites that pose as infection and case trackers.

Team Punisher will encrypt most files on the victim's system. Once encrypted, files receive the extension ".punisher" appended after their original one. This will turn a file called "image.png" into "image.png.punisher" upon encryption.

The lengthy ransom note is deposited inside an HTML file and contains buttons and links intended to contact the hackers running Team Punisher. The full text of the ransom note asks for $1000 in initial ransom payment, with the ransom demand growing by another $250 each day until a full week passes, which would supposedly lead to affected information being lost forever.

The full ransom note reads as follows:

Punisher Ransomware

Don’t Worry

Your Files are safe. For now

Your important files are encrypted by Punisher ransomware !

What is Punisher Ransomware?

Punisher Ransomware have taken over your files. Your documents, photos, videos, database and other important files are no longer accessible because they have been encrypted and it becomes impossible to access them without decryption tool and valid key. We, and only we, can guarantee recovering all your files. Do not waste your time trying to recover them. It is impossible without our decryption kit.


It's ransom, plain and simple

Team Punisher have seen you done injustice and the Punisher is Judge, Jury and Executioner.

You are lucky and in good favor and are sentenced to pay a minor fine.

To ensure that you complete payment all your files can now only be accessed by us.

If you call the police or the authorities we will completely destroy your files beyond recovery.

Yes, you can!

You must pay $1000 worth in BitCoins. We will only accept payment in Bitcoin, no other means. Each day that passes we will increase the fine by $250. After 7 days all files will be unrecoverable forever. When you pay send us an email your with the Decryption Kit.


Contact only through the provied mail given

Can not negotiate the fine

Pay only in BitCoin

Pay and notify

Then create a mail as shown, fill in the values and send


punisher55803205 at protonmail dot com


Transaction ID:


Date of payment:

Now wait for our reply in your email inbox

November 29, 2022