Remove is a low-quality website that hosts nothing but a simple search page. Typically, users would not use it since there are much better search engine alternatives to choose from. However, it seems that sometimes 3rd-party software may force users to visit against their will. The apps that do this are considered to be browser hijackers or Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs,) and their removal should be your top priority. But before we talk about the removal of the hijacker, let's see how it gets to your system.

How do Browser Hijackers and PUPs Spread?

The developers of low-quality computer apps may often rely on deceptive tricks to promote and propagate their software. In this case, users might accidentally install the hijacker when downloading installers and updates from non-trustworthy sources. In other cases, the dubious app may come from a low-quality software bundle that uses deceptive tricks to install additional utilities.

Using is not dangerous, but it may be an annoying thing to experience. First of all, it does not deliver results as reliable as Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other reputable search aggregators. Since there is no legitimate project or company backing it, it may randomly go offline for days at a time. Needless to say, having an offline page set as your Web browser's homepage or search engine is not great.

If your Web browser redirects you to regularly, then you should certainly look into the problem. Our advice is to solve the issue automatically by running an up-to-date security scanner. It will help you identify and remove any PUPs and hijackers in no time.

August 30, 2021