Secure Color Search PUP

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Secure Color Search is the name of a browser extension that claims to have useful capabilities but has a few undisclosed additions that go along with them.

Secure Color Search is meant to allow the user to click on any element on a web page and have the extension pick up the color of the clicked pixel, displaying its color values in several color formats.

Along with this, Secure Color Search also exhibits features typical for adware or ad-supported applications. The extension is used to display unsolicited advertising inside the browser, after Secure Color Search asks for permissions it should not need, given its functionality. The extension will ask for permission to "read and change all your data on websites".

The ads displayed through similar adware extensions may be sourced from rogue advertising networks and may lead to potentially unwanted software, questionable content, malicious pages and phishing sites.

All of this makes the presence of any adware on your system undesirable as adware can pose a security risk through the potentially dangerous ads it can display.