Search-Mgr Browser Hijacker Seeks Control of Your Web Browser App

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Search-Mgr is a browser hijacker distributed in the form of a Chrome browser extension.

The extension does a number of changes to your browser that are poorly disclosed or not disclosed at all, which is what makes it a browser hijacker by definition. Once installed, the extension will change your default search engine to searchmgr dot online - a fake search engine that cannot produce its own results.

The extension is very spammy and will cover your screen with pop-ups and messages. Your home page will be replaced with searchmgr dot online. This page does not even function as intended as it will keep prompting you to install the extension through annoying pop-up windows and new tabs, even if you already have the extension already installed.

Trying to use the new default search engine will produce a page with a broken layout and no real search results inside it, making the extension fundamentally broken and useless.

If you see Search-Mgr among your Chrome extensions, you should remove it immediately to restore your browser to its original condition.

November 17, 2022