Remove Notifications and Pop-Ups

adware popups

Pop-up ads are an irritating and invasive force that seem to invade every corner of the web, from your desktop screen to your mobile device. These pop-ups appear as a result of adware installed on your computer – and unfortunately, they're difficult to remove. However, the issue may not always be caused by adware – sometimes, clicking on a simple browser pop-up may be enough to have your browser flooded by intrusive notifications. We've put together a quick guide for removing these ads and notifications from your computer (and preventing them from coming back).

The specialty of is to display a misleading prompt asking visitors to click 'Allow' to confirm their identity, pass an anti-robot check, or to unlock downloadable media and files. However, this action is meant to do something entirely different, that's authors do not want you to know – it will subscribe you to this dodgy website's notifications. Once subscribed to's content, your browser will be flooded by intrusive notifications that promote all sorts of shady content. We advise you not to interact with unknown browser notifications, especially if they come from or a website with a scrambled name of this type.

To disable these notifications, you will need to manage your browser's privacy settings, and revoke's permissions.

April 27, 2021