Uses Fake Malware Warnings to Push Ads

Protectwatch dot xyz is a misleading website that pushes images and text containing completely fake malware warnings on users.

Landing on Protectwatch dot xyz, the first thing you will see is a large image styled to look like the interface window of an antivirus application. This is, of course, a fake window.

The information contained in it is also equally fake. The website will try to persuade you that your PC is at risk because you have been visiting infected websites. From the bad grammar used in the website's text, to the fishy warnings, the entire setup is intended to scare the user with falsehoods.

The website also brings up the browser's "allow notifications" dialog, in the hopes that a scared user will click "allow" before they know it.

This will lead to potentially harmful ads being displayed in the browser than may lead to misleading pages, scams, questionable content or potentially unwanted program installers.

Remember that every single time you see a warning on a web page that your computer is infected, this warning is invariably a fake one. Close yoru browser whenever you run into this sort of misleading page and go on with your day.

July 29, 2022