Remove Notifications and Pop-Ups is a website that tries to gain access to your browser notifications. It tries to do this through the use of fake pop-ups and prompts, usually promising you great things. Users often end up at while trying to view pirated streams, download cracked content, or interact with other shady Web destinations. often tells visitors that they need to click 'Allow' in order to:

  • Confirm their download request.
  • Play a piece of media.
  • Unlock additional playable media.
  • Confirm they are not a robot.

These are just some of the common, fake prompts that sites like use. Beware of such messages while browsing the Web – if a random website asks you to do this, you should probably leave it.

What does Notifications Hijacking Lead to?

Many users are unaware how annoying it can be to have your browser notifications hijacked. Websites like focus on maximizing the ad revenue they generate for their administrators. That's why when gains access to your notifications, it will start to spam you with advertisements regularly. Its notifications often link to dubious products/services, shady sites, or other irrelevant content. Our suggestion is to avoid interacting with the notifications.

Of course, you should not simply let this website spam you whenever you are online. You should work towards removing its notifications as soon as possible. We have a handy guide to help you with this – How to Stop Annoying Notifications in Web Browsers. It includes individual instructions for every popular Web browser.

September 23, 2021